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Atari 520 1040 ST STE MEGA computer PRO 24 III midi music software Steinberg

Atari 520 1040 ST STE MEGA computer PRO 24 III midi music software Steinberg

Atari 520 1040 ST STE MEGA computer PRO 24 III midi music software Steinberg

Steinberg Pro 24 for the Atari 520 / 1040 ST / STF / STE / MEGA ST range of computers is a quality software midi package for music production. This was the predecessor to Cubase from 1988 and was made by Steinberg. This will also run in medium resolution colour on a TV or Atari colour monitor. Below is a great description of it. All in near MINT condition and fully tested.

NOTE: you need at least 1mb memory (1040) to use this program properly. Was the computer that launched the.

Ports attracted the best software developers in the business, and it wasn't hard to see why. Despite the onslaught from other platforms our Atari machines remain a firm favourite with many musicians thanks to its exceptionally stable timing. With new software releases from Electronic Cow, Softjee, and SoundPool, and rediscovered software like Trackman and MIDIMan, the legacy looks set to continue - which brings us neatly to Pro24. Steinberg's Pro24 was the product that really got the Atari MIDI ball rolling, and also saw Karl Steinberg's company take off.

SM124 screens running Pro24 became a regular sight on TOTP used by many famous musicians including PWL, Midge Ure, Dire Straights, Climie Fisher, and er, Bros. The design, based around the traditional 24-track multi-track tape recorder, was inspired. At one point Atari were bundling copies of Pro24 and its smaller brother Pro12 with machines and later ST-Format magazine gave away the full Pro12 version away on cover disk. Pro24 comes supplied with master disk, the all important copy protection dongle, and a well written wire bound manual. Pro24 works well on all Atari STs with at least 1Mb memory, including STes, and unusually for.

Software, Pro24 also runs fine on a colour display. The actual program features 24.

Tracks of which 4 can be recorded to simultaneously. Once you've made a recording you can apply many of Pro24's tricks to it including quantising, which basically makes your recording sit more comfortably in a musical timing grid. As with quantising on other programs, used sparingly it can tidy up not so good timing, but over use can make music sound mechanical. Three editors are provided to edit pre-recorded music, or to enter notes manually. A grid editor, which laid the foundation for Cubase's list editor, a drum editor, again not dissimilar to the one found on Cubase, and a score editor with basic printout features, which certainly makes life easier for those who can read music. The logical editor, again developed further in Cubase, is also here and allows manipulation of. Data based on logic conditions. Like the earlier C-Lab products, Pro24 offers pattern based arrangements, which can be setup in the arrangement dialog.

An editor for the master track is provided for tempo and time signature changes, and it is also possible to record tempo changes. A cycle record option is provided with three different modes, to repeat a musical section whilst recording and this could be used to get a part just right without stopping the sequencer, or perhaps to build up drum or other rhythm tracks. Pro24 is also well equipped in terms of synchronisation and supports.

Clock and SMPTE via external hardware. Pro24 also includes integral support for standard. Files without having to resort to external utilities.

As always, there are many more features than we can cover here in detail. Although Pro24 was superseded by Cubase it remains a classic program ideally suited to anyone interested in learning to use a sequencer for the first time. By today's standards the manual is a luxury 190 page ring bound affair which lays flat for easy reference. For years Pro24 was the preferred choice of many music professionals and when you consider this is the final fully developed Steinberg Pro24 III it has undergone, and benefited from, the full development cycle making this a stable and reliable product. Finally, because it's a Steinberg product there's a clear and logical upgrade path to Cubase which uses much of the same terminology, concepts, and even parts of the editors are the same.

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  • Brand: Steinberg / Atari
  • Type: Midi Software

Atari 520 1040 ST STE MEGA computer PRO 24 III midi music software Steinberg